Are You (or Do You Want to Be) a Unicorn Employee?

Fun unicorn - 3D Illustration

Unicorns are mythical creatures. They are thought to be magical. In the workplace, a unicorn employee is “special” and usually the employee that goes above and beyond at work. Unicorn employee status is generally thought to be unattainable by most. However, anyone can be a unicorn employee if they choose to. Unicorn employees are employees that are team players. They are hard-working and respectful. Out to prove they can accomplish many tasks. Unicorn employees tend to put the job and their team before themselves. Unicorn employees stand out and take charge, but in a positive way.

Overall, and said differently, unicorn employees offer value to their employers. Employees can offer value to their employers in different ways. Each employee is special and unique and that uniqueness should be cultivated so that each employee shines and the employee’s talents and skills are used to the betterment of their employer. Employers should encourage and develop their employees as all are unique and all employees have the ability to be a unicorn employee if properly motivated.

When employees show value to their employer those employees are generally rewarded with among others, accolades, promotions, better and/or more challenging/creative opportunities, increased compensation/bonuses.

When employees show value to their employers, then employers are concerned that the employee may depart from the organization and take steps to prevent that from occurring.

Employees can often benefit from employment counseling and job coaching guidance to enhance their performance or prove their value to their employer.

During this period of Great Resignation and Great Reshuffle, employers should take those actions necessary to ensure that their unicorn employees don’t resign.

To hep you stand out in the workplace and be viewed by your employer as a highly, valuable unicorn employee,  contact Sheree Donath.

For those unicorn employees who believe they are being undervalued by their employer and are seeking to make a transition and want to transition assistance or to understanding their rights and obligations, including any documents they may have signed, contact Sheree Donath.

For all employees, be you and be special and let your value shine.

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