Many say that the “Great Resignation” is coming. Before you quickly resign, think about your options, what job values you seek, and what is your ideal job. Is resigning the best choice?


As Covid restrictions are lifted and employers require employees to return to the workplace, many employees are debating about whether they want to return to their current job or if they should resign and seek new employment. Many feel that they are on a merry go round that simply doesn’t stop turning and want to make a quick change.

While employees say they tired of the zoom/ teams/ google meets they are also concerned about commuting 1-2 hours each way on a daily basis. Employment during the pandemic has shown what jobs can be performed remotely and what roles need to be in person. Many employees are now faced with the choice of return to the office or resign. For those employees who have been able to work remotely, in some form, for the past 1.5+ years, some are deciding whether they are ready to transition back to the “normal” office.

For those considering whether to return to the office or to resign, we suggest making a pro/con list to determine the job values that are important to you and your family. We suggest that you rank your job priorities to help with your decision and to help you find your ideal job. This will assist you in deciding if the job you currently have is the right one for you or if it is time for a transition.

Some factors to consider are:

– In office experience/ Working from home/having the ability to work in a hybrid model

– Salary/ compensation/ commission

– Benefits (health, 401k, equity, etc.)

– Flexible work schedule

– the role you are being asked to perform vs. the role you thought or hoped to perform

– travel on behalf of the company and commuting

– childcare costs

– relation with your current Manager?

Keep in mind that resigning from your job without forth thought and/or new employment may not bring you 100% satisfaction. Many people often believe that it will be better somewhere else only to learn that isn’t the case and the same issues they had at their previous job exist at the new job.

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