Job Coaching/ Counseling Services


Donath Law, LLC offers job coaching and counseling services. Some of these services are listed here. For more information on any of the below topics or other employment matters, or to get assistance, contact Sheree Donath, Esq. by clicking here.

Job Transitions: Help individuals thinking about transitioning to a new position. Discuss what job values are important. Guide people to help them try and find their ideal new job and what factors to consider in making the transition.

  • Guide individuals through the interview process and the requests for compensation/benefits
  • Help employees to understand what they have in their current role and what they may be giving up 
  • Review documentation related to the new role – employment contracts / handbooks / policies / non-competes/etc.
  • Guide employee in departing from current role – letters of resignation/requests for severance/review of severance documents/review of restrictive covenants/plan for retirement

Performance Reviews and Performance Plans: For those who received a performance improvement plan (“PIP”) or performance action plan, I can help navigate through this process. Guide individual in pushing back against the PIP, transitioning out of the company and/or position the employee to try and get severance

Below are some of the items reviewed in evaluating and responding to the PIP and the PIP process:

  • Is it subjective? Are there clear goals? Is there a time period for the end of the PIP?
  • Does the PIP conform to employer’s policies and practices?
  • Were there prior performance evaluations and what was the employee rated?
  • Were there other prior warnings about performance?
  • Is the timing suspicious and/or is there an improper reason that the person was placed on the PIP? (right before a bonus to be given, employee reported misconduct, employee came back from worker’s compensation/FMLA, discrimination etc.)
  • Who is responsible for determining if the employee is meeting the objectives of the PIP?
  • Is there an opportunity for employee to respond to the PIP

Workplace Conduct/ Behaviors/ Investigations/ Discrimination: Monitor and guide daily workplace interactions. Assist in determining whether conduct rises to something improper and/or illegal. Counsel employees on how to respond to work related situations. Coach employees to push back when they have true workplace concerns. Prepare/review written documentation, as necessary, to commence an investigation into workplace conduct. Prepare employees for meetings with colleagues, supervisors, HR. Help employees to understand and respond to workplace dynamics without the emotional component. Discuss possible outcomes, problem solve and work to determine what the employee wants the outcome to be so they can try to achieve that goal.

Workplace Promotions/ Performance Review and Compensation Discussions: Provide guidance on how to seek a promotion and/or position the employee to obtain recognition. Coach employee for compensation/benefit discussions (i.e., what to request/ how to request it/ what is important to make the employee happy/ who to request from). Support employee in preparing for performance review and submitting proper documentation and with responding to the performance review documentation received. Counsel employee to seek additional compensation and/or benefits and/or perks. Guide employee in sharing this information with the appropriate decision-makers and showing their value to the employer.

Departing Employees:  Counsel employees who want to leave voluntarily or are being pushed to leave their employment. Discuss options re: resignation/ job hunting and replacing position/ transitioning from their role/ becoming a consultant/ option to obtain severance benefits and what those would be/ benefits entitled to/ monies they are entitled to or might be giving up/ retirement option/ restrictions on their future. Discuss next steps for their future and how to get the person to that next chapter.

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