Divorce Update – Increase in Income Cap When Calculating Maintenance and Child Support Goes into Effect on March 1, 2022

Divorce Signpost Means Custody Split Assets And Lawyers

Effective March 1, 2022, there are new guidelines to follow:

Maintenance: The income cap is increasing from $192,000 to $203,000

Child Support: The combined parental income cap is increasing from $154,000 to $163,000

Self Support Reserve: is increasing from $17,388 to $18,346.50

Poverty Income Guideline Amount (per a single person): is increasing from $12,880 to $13,590

If you are considering divorce mediation, or have questions about how this pertains to you, or how maintenance and/or child support are calculated, or have a current agreement you are entering into or may have already signed, contact Sheree Donath to schedule a consultation.

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