Considering A Divorce? Is Mediation An Option For You? Answer These Questions


There are many questions to consider before deciding to move forward with divorce mediation. Review the below non-exclusive list of questions to help you decide whether mediation may be the right approach for you:

1.  Do you and your spouse both want to get the divorce?

2.  Are you and your spouse able to resolve your differences, including be in the same room and making joint decisions or compromising?

3.  Do you want to have control over the process?

4.  Are you interested in creative alternatives?

5.  Are you and your spouse interested in making the divorce process easier on yourself and your children?

6.  Are you and your spouse willing to put the needs of your children before your own needs?

7.  Are you and your spouse interested in resolving your divorce in a cost-effective manner?

8.  Are you and your spouse prepared to disclose all of your relevant financial data?

9.  Can you and your spouse come to agreement on issues?

10. Are you and your spouse willing to work together cooperatively to reach an agreement?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you may be a candidate for mediation.

A.  Are you a victim of domestic violence?

B.  Are there orders of protection against you or your spouse?

C.  Do you feel that your spouse will prevent you from speaking or over-power you?

D.  Are you afraid of your spouse?

E.  Are you looking for retribution?

If you answered yes to A through E, mediation is not the right approach for you.

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