Are the Questions I am Being Asked at an Interview Legal? Take This Quiz to Find Out



The laws about what can be asked at an interview vary in each state and under federal law. It is important to find out what can or cannot be asked during the interview process. Asking improper questions at an interview can lead to discrimination and the person not being hired for the job.

Take the following quiz to find out if you are being asked proper interview questions. Answer Yes if the below questions are proper and No if they cannot be asked at an interview.

1.  Are you currently able to perform the essential duties of the job for which you are applying? (Yes/No)

2.  Do you like to be called Miss or Mrs? (Yes/No)

3.  At your former company, what do you consider to be your most important accomplishment? (Yes/No)

4.  Are you licensed or certified for this type of work? (Yes/No)

5.  Do you have your own health insurance? (Yes/No)

6.  Where does your family come from? (Yes/No)

7.  Why did you leave your former employer? (Yes/No)

8.  How would your experience fit in with a productive environment? (Yes/No)

9.  Would you be willing to relocate or travel? (Yes/No)

10. Are there personal or family situations that would impact your job performance? (Yes/No)

11. Who takes care of your children while you are working? (Yes/No)

12. Is your spouse the same gender as you? (Yes/No)

13. How did you overcome problems at your last job? (Yes/No)

14. What do you think you can offer to this role? (Yes/No)

15. Are you available to work on weekends? (Yes/No)

16. Do you have any relatives employed at the company or at a competitor? (Yes/No)

17. Have you sustained any work related injury? (Yes/No)

18. Do you read, write or speak a foreign language? (Yes/No)

19. When did you graduate from college? (Yes/No)

20. Have you ever sued or filed claims or complaints against your former employer? (Yes/No)

At times, an employer may have a legitimate business purpose to ask questions that may seem improper. What may be improper in most situations, may not always be improper. Speak with an attorney for guidance as to what interview questions are proper. To schedule a consultation, click here or email

The answers to the above questions, based on New York and federal laws are generally as follows: (1)Yes (2) No (3) Yes (4) Yes (5) No (6) No (7) Yes (8) Yes (9) Yes (10) No (11) No (12) No (13) Yes (14) Yes (15) Yes (16) Yes, (17) No (18) No (19) No (20) No