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For 20 years, I have been assisting employees in negotiating and navigating all aspects of their employment relation. I have vast experience with drafting, negotiating, reviewing, and modifying employment documents, including without limitation, employment agreements, offer letters, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, severance packages, retention agreements, and ex pat agreements. I have counseled employees on how to handle all employment related concerns, including among others, discrimination and retaliation, responding to performance improvement plans, filing an internal complaint, participating in internal and external investigations, corporate whistleblower actions, review and response to code of conduct, employee handbooks, corporate plans and policies. 

Aside from assisting employees in their employment relation, I also assist individuals in making a life transition. Specifically, I facilitate divorces through divorce mediation and the preparing and filing of uncontested divorce actions. The two areas of practice (employment law and divorce mediation) maintaining similar concerns for the individuals involved. Specifically, they both involve concerns regarding, among others: timing, healthcare, pension, stocks, and the effect the transition will have on them personally and their close family members. Additionally, I offer guidance and counsel to individuals on among others, equitable distribution, parenting plans, child custody and support, prenuptial agreements. I prepare, review and provide comments on divorce stipulations and separation agreements.

My practice has also evolved to assist small businesses in ensuring they have the proper agreements, policies and handbooks prepared and distributed, as well as defending companies from allegations that may arise.

My practice is important to me and my clients and I am compassionate to each person with whom I speak. I understand that my clients may be going through an emotionally trying time and I am available to assist them, hold their hand and counsel them. Each person’s situation is unique and each person has the right to be heard and supported.

I also understand that the concerns my clients have may not fall into a regular 9-5 work-day and I am available to speak about your situation in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate your needs.

My areas of practice include, among others, divorce mediation, uncontested divorces, employment negotiation, employment mediation, executive compensation, retaliation, discrimination, performance improvement plans, workplace hostility and bullying, overtime claims, FMLA, COBRA, voluntary and involuntary resignation and severance.

I am married with two children and live in Long Island. I was admitted to the New York bar in 2002. I attended Binghamton University for my undergraduate degree and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law to obtain my graduate degree. My previous employment includes: Cory J. Rosenbaum, P.C. (2013-2016); Member, Sklover & Donath, LLC (2006-2013); Senior Associate, Sklover & Associates, LLC (2004-2006); Associate, Leeds Morelli & Brown, P.C. (2001-2004); and Legal Aide, Office of the New York Attorney General – Civil Rights Bureau (1999-2001).